Bright Family – Response to Text

This week in reading my group read ‘Bright Family’ which is a comic on the Epic app.  We were learning how to read texts closely to analyse evidence.  On slide 4 we had to create our own backdrop of a universe we think the main characters might come across in the next part of the story.  I used the background remover app to put myself into the picture.

One thought on “Bright Family – Response to Text

  1. Kia ora Dito,
    I really liked the way you chose a background image that you think Nia and Jayden might come across soon in their travels, I too think this is somewhere they might end up. You inserted yourself in a way that makes it look like you are there – well done. Remember the last part of the task was to insert a speech bubble to show what you would be saying in that situation. I think I would be saying something like, “Look at those slimy aliens!” That way we use the evidence (your aliens in the picture) to help us think. 🙂

    Miss Tele’a.

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