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Bright Family – Response to Text

This week in reading my group read ‘Bright Family’ which is a comic on the Epic app.  We were learning how to read texts closely to analyse evidence.  On slide 4 we had to create our own backdrop of a universe we think the main characters might come across in the next part of the story.  I used the background remover app to put myself into the picture.

suspenseful beginning

Today I leant to create a suspenseful beginning through imagery and dialogue. suspenseful means creating a feeling of exitement and uncertainty about what wiil happen next.imagery means using descripetive language to create vivid mental pictures.dialogue means a conversation  between characters in a story or play. it helps reveal information, develop characters, and move the plot foward.

water filter

Today my class learned about water filters.  We have learnt about what a water filter is and what it is used for.  A water filter is a device used to remove impurities from water to make it safe and clean to drink.  This is important because access to clean water is a global issue.  Here is my design of a water filter.